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Benefits of Membership

What does an ANSPA member get in return for their annual dues payment?

1. Contact with other ANSPA members and their wide range of subspecialties and experience
2. An interactive website offering:

  • Forums where you can post educational and professional topics
  • A comprehensive compensation survey of neurosurgical PAs covering various salary, call and benefit information
  • The most current neurosurgical PA job opportunities and resume posting
  • Information on neurosurgical PA continuing medical education offerings and discounts
    3. Participate with neurosurgical PA directors, committees and liaison positions with the AAPA, AANS and CNS.
    4. Participate in policy development to enhance the PA profession.
    5. Neurosurgical PA representation at CNS and AANS conferences.
    6. Be part of a unified front supporting and enhancing the neurosurgical PA profession.